Art Collection

Briercrest was the recipient of a donated art collection in 1998. There was over 3200 individual pieces of art in this collection. Over 200 pieces have been sold or are in use. Many offices and other rooms on campus showcase various pieces of the collection. The bulk of the collection has been in storage and the School has now decided to sell it.

There are 50 different artists, 45 of which are Canadian and 5 international. 5 are First Nations, 8 are photographers, 6 are print series including 1 wood cut artist. 1 is a cartoonist, 1 used mushrooms to create his designs and 1 was a designer of travel posters. There are oils, water colours, pastels, mixed media, and pencil sketches. There are photographs of tree planting, and architecture. There are abstracts, Maritime landscapes, water colour sunsets, animals, trees, mushrooms and a lot more.

Browse through the pictures; it is a beautiful world of colour and perception. Enjoy.

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